The 2020 Eifel GP Quiz: Pre-Race Edition!

Eifel GP Quiz 2020 Pre Race Pits To Podium
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The Eifel GP Quiz is here as Formula 1 returns to the Nurburgring for the first time since 2013! As the teams brace themselves for the cold weather and the challenges of this legendary circuit, we have come up with a fun quiz to test your knowledge about the Nurburgring and its Formula 1 history!

It is time for Pits To Podium’s ‘2020 Eifel GP Quiz: Pre-Race Edition!’

Try your hand at our fun quiz and let us know how you performed!

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  • Question of

    Who won 2011 German GP?

    • Sebastian Vettel
    • Mark Webber
    • Fernando Alonso
    • Lewis Hamilton
  • Question of

    How many GP names have been used for the F1 World Championship race at Nurburgring including this weekend?

    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
  • Question of

    Who nicknamed the Nordschleife as ‘The Green Hell’?

    • Rudolf Caracciola
    • Jackie Stewart
    • Jim Clark
    • Niki Lauda
  • Question of

    Who holds the race lap record in the current track?

    • Michael Schumacher
    • Lewis Hamilton
    • JP Montoya
    • Kimi Raikkonen
  • Question of

    Which debutant lead the race after an audacious pitstop for wet weather tyres during the warm lap at the European GP 2007?

    • Sebastian Vettel
    • Marcus Winkelhock
    • Heikki Kovalainen
    • Kazuki Nakajima
  • Question of

    How many races have Lewis Hamilton won at Nurburgring?

    • None
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3

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